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It is not an uncommon sight to see people around flaunting their Id-cards on a different ribbon every time you see staff from a different company. Those ribbons are basically called Custom lanyard. These custom lanyards are the ones which give your Id cards a different look of a different flavor and help you identify from other corporate or in general.

These lanyards are basically a rope or a cord with a buckle or a hook suspended from its end which is used to attach the I-card or any gadget which needs to be suspended. Now why a gadget need to be attached is a totally different concept. Gadgets do not have names and therefore there is always a need to keep a distinction mark on them which can be done using a Custom lanyard. This is not only going to keep an identification mark over them but also prevent them from getting lost no matter how small they might be. Pen drives, I-pods, dongles and what not, can be easily cast into the never to be lost category of gadgets using Custom lanyard.

Now, the question is how to get these. The process is simple. Try calling us, for we deal with Custom lanyard solutions.

lanyardsWe have been in the lanyard making industry exclusively for the past 5 years and have been dealing with companies from different industries. We have made Custom lanyards for IT companies, for laborers of mining companies, for sportpersons, for conferences, for annual events, for concerts, for office parties and the list goes on.

We have a team of experts which would guide you through the whole process of selecting the particular Custom lanyards for your company. All you need to do is first send us your requirement. After the experts understand what exactly you are looking for, they first create a sample for you which is the prototype of the lanyard that you would want to have for your company. After the sample is ready, your suggestion for its improvement and enhancement is taken. This can take any number of revisions you want until the final piece is created. This piece is then replicated and a minimum order of the sample is taken.

The Custom lanyards are available in both a spring like thread and a normal ribbon like thread. The normal thread cannot be stretched and is definite in shape. While talking about the spring like thread, it can be stretched because of its elastic nature. We usually see access cards that are suspended by the pant loops of the employees have Custom lanyards suspended from a pulley.

custom lanyardsGadgets form another category that utilizes the Custom lanyards well. These lanyards have a small thread at the end which is used to hold the gadget to the lanyard. The gadget already has a hole at its end for the same purpose which helps in suspending itself from the lanyard, thereby preventing it from getting lost.

These Custom lanyards become a necessary devil at places esp. where the question of security arises. You would see those most commonly in 5 star hotels, hospitals, concerts, seminars, conferences, airports and even retail stores. Apart from the security purposes, they are also there so that the person who is carrying them can flaunt his identity and provide the expected service of him e.g. at retail store we always see a lot of retail staff wearing Custom lanyards of the company of the same color and they help the customers around to look for particular products, help them with the query or simply bill them at the billing counters or kiosks.

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lanyard Wholesale Lanyards offers quality lanyards at affordable prices.We have the finest customer service staff in the industry and our prices, service and quality are unbeatable.We offers a selection of free attachments as well as a choice of optional extra attachments.They offers the industry’s most economical pricing for lanyards.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Custom Patches

There are several manufacturers of custom patches that you can find online. These manufacturers have different rules and policies. It is important that you ask the right questions before you decide to make a purchase.

If you want to know more about the process of ordering custom patches online, here’s an FAQ list that should help you out.

1.    What are some of the available backing options?

There are basically 4 common types of backing used by most custom patches manufacturers.

•    Tape. This is mostly used for temporary application. For example, a patch that will only be used once can be purchased with a tape backing. It comes off easily after one-time use.

custom patchesVelcro. This is the common backing used for military patches because the Velcro will not destroy the garment easily. Velcro provides ease of regular washing.

•    Iron on. This type of backing uses a strong adhesive. An iron is needed to melt the adhesive into the garment.

•  Standard. Standard backing does not have any adhesive or plastic. This requires actual sewing of the patch onto the garment.

2.    What types of thread to use?

This will depend on the available colors provided by the manufacturer. All standard colors are mostly offered at a regular price. Neon and metallic threads, on the other hand, may cost an extra 20%.

3.  What are the different patch borders offered online?

Two of the most common types of patch borders are Merrow and Hot Cut. Merrow border is used for regular-shaped patches such as round, square, and rectangular patches, whereas Hot Cut border is used for customized shapes.

4.    How do I send my design for custom patches?

Once you have finalized your design, you need to properly send your design to the manufacturer. Remember that the digital design or the printed design may be a little different than the actual patch.

Let us look at some of the possible differences:

•  Color and details. As you know, the colors and details you create digitally are more detailed. Once this is translated into the patch, some of the details may not be consistently translated. This is something you should expect.

•    Gradients. Take note that the embroidery work that comes in different colors will never have a perfect result like that in a photo.

•    Image quality. When sending images to your manufacturer, you can make the job easier for them by submitting high quality images. The original image should be 1000 x 1000 pixels. Avoid resizing the image for it will just lower the quality.

If the quality of the image is low, the details in the image may not be translated properly into the patch.

5.    How do you compute for the cost?

One of the most crucial things to consider in purchasing custom patches is the cost. You want to get quality patches for an affordable price. It should also be within your allocated budget.

There are some factors that can affect the cost of patches:

•    Size. The smaller the size, the cheaper the cost. To compute for the size, add the length and width of your desired patch. The sum of its width and length should be divided by 2 to get the actual patch size. The minimum patch size is 2 inches.

•    Embroidery. If the patch is mostly text, it will be cheap. If there is logo and text, then the price will be more expensive.

Quantity. Some manufacturers have minimum orders. For example, they require 50 patches for every design. Sometimes, you can ask them for discount if you have bulk orders.

Now that you learned about these tips, you are ready to order patches online!


Now that you learned about patches purchasing tips, you are ready to order patches online! patches4less provides a great variety of patches.

How to Purchase Golf Shoes

Most amateur golfers believe that any type of athletic shoe is already appropriate for playing golf. However, professional golfers know that golf shoes will still improve their play, especially in all types of slopes and conditions. Below are some general tips that professional golfers claim to have improved their purchases and plays.

Socks are Important Too

Shopping for any type of athletic shoes means that socks are an important consideration. The reason for this is that the thinness or thickness of the socks can affect the shoe comfort of the individual. This is because using thin socks when trying on shoes will result in the purchase of a smaller-sized shoe. This will eventually be considered as a significant problem, especially when the actual socks used are thicker, resulting in a constricted feeling for the foot.

It may be perceived as a small discomfort but when the shoe is worn for a longer period of time, this will result in a significant problem to the individual. Therefore, most shoe professionals recommend that individuals use the appropriate pair of socks (the one that will be worn during the game, or at least something very similar to it) when trying out a shoe before purchasing.

Time of Purchase

Golf shoesThe time of purchase for shoes is also a significant aspect considered by most shoe professionals. The explanation behind this is that the foot will actually expand during the day even if the individual does not significantly walk around. Therefore, purchasing a pair of shoes at the early part of the morning will result in getting the wrong size since the foot will become constricted as the day goes by.

Shoe professionals recommend that individuals walk around a minimum of 20 minutes before stepping inside a shoe store to try on shoes. This is to ensure that the individual will be able to purchase the golf shoes in the correct size and to prevent not only foot fatigue, but also injury when playing.

Budget Considerations

Golf is perceived to be either a very expensive hobby or sport since the tools needed for play are pricey, which includes the golf apparel as well as the golf shoes. Shoe manufacturers have taken this into consideration by making models that are perceived to be cheaper, while others still adhere to their goal of providing better performance. Amateur golfers initially prefer to buy the cheaper brands or models since they do not know whether they’d like to stick to the sport for a long period of time.

Professional golfers, on the other hand, prefer to buy quality-made golf shoes since these tend to last for a longer period of time. Top-quality pairs are also very comfortable to wear. Still, do remember that it takes a significant amount of time to break in these shoes and make them comfortable enough to be used on the entire golf course. This is proven by some professional golfers when they revealed that some brands only last a maximum of 15 months before the upper portion of the shoe separates from the sole. This is the reason why professionals prefer to stick to a tried and proven brand rather than shift from brand to brand.

Purchase Locations

There are various ways to purchase golf shoes, which include brick and mortar stores and online businesses. Amateur golfers or those who are on a budget may prefer to purchase from online stores since these often have cheaper products. However, most professional golfers recommend that shoes still need to be tried out in the store, in order to choose one that really shines in both comfort and style.

Types of Portable Storage Units

Portable storage units are definitely useful. There is no doubt about that. Whether you need them for plain storage or you need them for moving to a new house or office, these containers make the packing and moving job a lot faster and easier. It makes the whole process a lot less stressful, too. As you may know, packing and moving can be quite a hassle especially if you have a lot of stuff.

Given that, having your own portable storage containers is, indeed, a great investment. You can put a lot of things in just one container. Hence, there are less units to load, unload, pack, and unpack.

But before you go shopping for your storage units, there are some things to know first. Here are a couple of them for starters.

Types of portable storage units

There are different types of portable storage containers. It is best if you check out all of them first before you buy your own so that you can properly determine which type will suit your needs.

Storage containers with lids

These are the portable storage units that have the normal lids without the lock and hinge. The lids are manually sealed as part of the design of the containers. This type of container is great for storing items that you do not frequently use, but may need some of the time.

Storage containerSay for instance, you can store some of your collectible toys in these containers. The stuffed animals of the kids can also be put away in these storage units. The same is true for equipment that are no longer being used.

The thing to remember here is that only items of lesser value should be stored here because only lids serve as the seal. There are no locks built in, unless of course, you use separate locks.

Storage container with hinged lid

As opposed to the former type, portable storage containers with hinged lids are a lot more convenient. In fact, they are most often used for transporting items. This is because the lids allow for easier access for storage. At the same time, the hinged lids are great for neatly securing the items inside. They also come with handles. Thus, carrying them or transporting them is a lot easier as well.

Storage containers with dividers

These are the portable storage units that are best for those who have a lot of different items to store or move. Since there are dividers, the items will not get mixed up. So that means you can have the stuffed toys on one of the divisions, then the pillows can go to another division, etc. This way, unpacking your things will also be a lot easier to manage since the items are already properly grouped.

But of course, you will also have to separate the heavy items from the light ones. Or at least distribute them evenly. This way, your storage container will not break. So when you pack your belongings, make sure that if you put a heavy material on one end, you counter that with an item of similar weight on the other end. Or you can stack items to compensate the weight.

Final note

Apart from these types of portable storage units mentioned above, there are a number of other kinds or classifications. But basically what you have to remember is that you should check them out first before you place an order or go to the checkout counter. Find out which of them suits your needs and which will give you the best value for your money. After all, this is a long term investment.

Portable Storage container provides a multipurpose storage unit that can be modified to suit your needs and requirements.

Modern-day Uses of Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are typically made to about 1/10 of an inch thick and with diameters from 1.5 to 2 inches. The styles and sizes vary, depending on the unit or company. They are often made from copper, pewter or nickel. The finishes also vary, some use gold finish, such as the limited edition custom challenge coins. Designs range from simple engravings of insignias and mottos to elaborate multi-dimensional designs, enamel highlights, and various cutouts.

custom challenge coinsChallenge coins have around for decades, though the idea of it traces back to Ancient Rome. The military has popularized custom challenge coins, as a distinction among units and as an award for valor in the battlefield. Today, challenge coins are no longer limited in the military.All details are also provided in Challengecoins4less. Also, it is now being actively traded, among retirees and active military personnel, as well as civilian groups.

Origin of use

Basically, challenge coins were made and distributed among the members of military units, for identification and in recognition of acts of bravery during the war. The term “challenge coin” started after World War II, where American soldiers used a specific German coin, the pfennig, in a game. One soldier would produce the pfennig and challenge other soldiers in the room to produce their own pfennig. The one who did not have any pfennig or the last to bring out his pfennig was obliged to buy everyone a round of drinks. The pfennig was soon replaced by the special coins given for their units and for their acts of bravery.

The Special Forces and other military units even have a game, where everyone is expected to be within an arm’s reach of their coins. At any time and place, anyone can initiate the game by producing his challenge coin. Anyone who cannot show his challenge coin loses. This made carrying the challenge coin everywhere and taking good care of it a must among the military personnel. Aside from this, there are also other uses of custom challenge coins.

Military Use

The military uses the challenge coin to recognize outstanding performance and service. It is often a token to recognize services that are worthy of distinction, but not enough merits to warrant an actual medal of honor. It is a way to boost morale among the ranks.

Challenge coins are also given in coin ceremonies, after graduating from training. The popular and rare Bull Dog coin was given to enlisted tail gunners of the B-52 heavy bombers after graduating from Air Force technical training. It was a symbol of the graduates’ entry into the Gunners Association. It is one of the rare challenge coins, as it is no longer made since the tail guns, and in turn the tail gunners’ positions, on surviving B-52s were removed in 1991.

Civilian use

Today, custom challenge coins are no longer limited to military use. It is gaining popularity among civilian organizations such as the Civil Air Patrol, NFL, NASCAR, fire departments, fraternal organizations, and police departments. They are given to certain members for their exemplary services or performances. It is also a symbol of membership to organizations and is also used as a token of gratitude or recognition.

The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club is one group that popularized the civilian use of challenge coins. It has to be earned by the members, through exemplary achievements.

The Harley Owners Group or H.O.G. also made their own custom challenge coins. It is a symbol of the bond shared by all Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners. Carrying the challenge coin shows pride in ownership and a way of paying tribute to the people who serve.

Jon Favreau, director of the movie Iron Man 2, commissioned challenge coins and distributed these to US Air Force personnel. It was his way of showing gratitude for their cooperation when the first 2 Iron Man films were shot at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Choosing the Right Motivational Speaker

With so many motivational speakers today, choosing the right one for your group can really be challenging. There are some speakers who survived a tragedy, who became successful businessmen, who started change in society, and many more. But what are the things that you need to take into account when choosing the best one?

Identifying the needs

Motivational speakerThis is the first step that you need to take when choosing the right motivational speaker. You should consider the issues that your group is currently dealing with. Does your group need someone to inspire them? Or does your group need purely technical information? Whatever the needs or issues are, you should find a speaker that can share related experiences in which your group can relate to.

Choosing between entertainment and message

After determining the needs, you have to decide whether entertainment should be prioritized over the message or vice versa. Keep in mind that a celebrity or a humorous motivational speaker might not be able to deliver the most meaningful and deep message. All of these details present in You might also want to consider a balance between entertainment and message. You can find speakers that can offer you pure entertainment value and those that focus on the message content with a little touch of entertainment value. Most professional speakers can adjust depending on your needs. If you are undecided, you can discuss with them their options.

Considering the fees

You have to balance between your budget and the quality you need. Often, higher fees mean better quality. You do not want the quality to suffer because of allotting a very low budget. You only get what you pay for. Likewise, you do not like to overspend when your budget is not enough because it could affect your finances. Be careful and take time to find a motivational speaker who fits your needs and money.

Getting a preview

Since you will pay for the service, it is your right to get a preview of the speaker’s performance. Doing this way will give you idea on his speaking skills. Usually, sample videos of motivational speakers can be viewed on their website. Visiting their website will let you know if they are articulate or pleasant to the ears.

Another way to get a preview is by attending to speakers’ programs. Watching them live will not just help you assess their performance but also witness how audiences react to their speech.

Organizing the time and date

Once the date of your program is set, start finding a motivational speaker. For some speakers with many engagements, you have to book them approximately one year in advance. Then, determine the length of time the speaker will have. If you are not sure of it, the speaker can help you decide on the right amount of time. He can also recommend the appropriate order of presentations for your program.

Locating your resources

You can ask your friends for recommendations. It is a good way to save your time and narrow search. Another way is through the help of speakers bureaus. They can help you with locating and booking speakers based on your needs and specifications. Also, they can quote the speaker fees. Some of them specialize in specific speakers including entertainment celebrities, athletes, authors and many more. You can find them using local phone directories or over the internet.

Clearly, choosing the right motivational speaker can be challenging. There are a lot of considerations to take into account. These considerations include determining the needs of your group, choosing between entertainment and message, taking into account the fees, getting a preview, organizing the time and date and locating your resources


No matter what you do or where you are, there is always a lanyard that will perfectly suit you and your needs. You just have to find the right lanyard made from the right material.

I. Business/Professional

If you want to give an impression of professionalism, you must wear a lanyard that symbolizes class and competence.

lanyardsMost, if not all, managers and employees are required to wear their IDs especially within office premises. A strap, is of course more helpful in doing such than a pin. But more often than not, people in the business sector would never settle for a simple string.

Hence, here are the lanyards that will fit a professional:

A. Woven

In this type, the text and designs are woven into the lanyard like embroidery. Of course, unlike printed lanyards, this design lessens the possibility of the design fading. With the right design, this can be an impressive lanyard that will surely catch the attention of clients.

B. Satin 

Besides the polyester base, the design is printed on a satin layer, giving a very classy and elite look – perfect for executives and employees.

C. Tubular

These lanyards are like shoelaces. Designs can be printed on both sides. Because this is like cotton, this is the most comfortable of all types.

II. Stylish

Some people, especially teens, use lanyards but will not do so unless it looks really good. There are even some who use lanyards for the sake of style. If you want to appear stylish and elegant while keeping your IDs and other belongings on, here are the perfect lanyards for you:

A. Dye –sublimated

These lanyards allow for the printing of colorful, complicated patterns, even images, on the string. If you want to put a photo of your face or your idol’s on the lanyard, this will definitely match your needs.

B. Designer

These lanyards can be customized with pearls, ribbons, and vast varieties of beads. With this type, you can have a posh necklace and ID holder in one place.

III. Outdoor recreation

One string that will hold all your important belongings (such as mobile phones, keys, and IDs) in place and will never lose your sight – this is a necessity for all who would go camping, biking, etc.

A. Nylon

These are ideal for people who would do different types of sports and any other outdoor activities. These feature a glossy, smooth and clear finish.

B. Reflective

In this type, a reflective layer is attached unto the polyester base. Hence, this is suitable for use even with the lights out. People who love camping would surely find this very helpful.

IV. Promotional

One of the greatest uses of lanyards is for promotional or advertising purposes. Because the logo or the name of the organization is printed on the string, this is ideal for promoting the organization or its cause on a grand scale, especially if the lanyards are distributed to many.

Furthermore, lanyards are more economical than common promotional materials such as mugs and tumblers, and are more useful than others such as pins.

Since the idea is to have more lanyards to give to as many people as possible, the material to be used should be cheap.

A. Polyester

This is the most popular among all lanyard types as this is the most economical. This one also offers wider space for printing, making the logo of the company more visible.

B. Cord 

Like polyester, this lanyard is very affordable making it popular among companies.That’s it! So next time, before you get in touch with a lanyard manufacturer, make sure that you understood first what  lanyard type will fit you.

Delivering Live Chat Software Services

Hot softwareThere are two types of live chat agents. The first one helps clients’ queries while the latter strives to change visitors to customers. Each company should have both types of representatives to give high quality service and gain more return on investment. No matter what kind of live chat software agent you are, there are general rules you should follow to boost your work performance and be more professional as well in many aspects.

For every task you perform as a support representative, whether it is just a minor role, you should always equip yourself with sufficient knowledge to do your job efficiently. You can learn many things about live chat software through reading related articles about delivering good customer service in the said field. It can also help you learn basic tips, for instance, in encouraging visitors to buy avail your products. Through long time in work experience, you will reach to a point in which every aspect of live chat service is easier and quicker for you to perform. However, your knowledge will not contribute more to the company’s progress without sharing it to other or new chat agents.  It is important to have cooperation in all departments. You should be well-rounded in terms of knowing different roles in the company. You should see to it that you get to utilize sales and marketing techniques in every task you perform. Moreover, as a live chat software agent, keeping track of your visitors is part of your job. You should determine whether they are returning or new visitors. On this way, you could estimate how much information do they know about the company, and how you could effectively deliver what they want to know more. It is about using appropriate language that can be understood easily. Besides, by checking returning customer’s history, you could easily have ideas on the visitor’s concern. Hence, you could respond as quickly as possible.

techniquesWhen you are asked about things that you do not know, do not hesitate to seek advice and supervision from more a more experienced one. Another option is using live chat software feature called the chat transfer. It lets you transfer your visitor to a more knowledgeable agent regarding the issue. Just do not forget to inform the visitor about your future action. Sometimes you have to deal with customers who would ask you about unknown terms. And to use other websites to know these terms, the company should have non-restrictive internet access.

Aside from possessing required knowledge about your job, having the right skills is also a must. Using chat software can be kind of confusing sometimes. If you are just new to the job, it is advisable to use two screens at a time. It can save you more time on creating new tabs for your live chat window and others. The first monitor should be designated for the live chat window, while the second monitor should be used for searching other information, or for the company’s website. If there are days that do not have many inquiries, you can use your time on supervising other agents’ chat. It can help you learn and acquire new skills on addressing various customers’ issues. Another way of improving your work performance in terms of speed is through the use of live chat shortcuts.

Every job requires adequate knowledge and skills. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that working should be something that you can enjoy. You do not have to over-think everything. It is better if you could find solutions using simple ways. Just learn and enjoy every minute of your work.

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